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The 2021 work summary and commendation conference of Longgu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was grandly held

Release time:2022-02-11 11:02

In order to summarize 2021, plan 2022, stand in the future and arrange today, Longgu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. grandly held the work summary and commendation meeting of 2021 on January 12, 2022. General manager Wang Tongqing, deputy general manager, heads of departments and some employee representatives attended the meeting.


General manager Wang Tongqing summarized and commented on the work of all departments in 2021, fully affirmed the achievements of the whole team of Longgu company in this year, and also recovered the deficiencies and gaps in the work. At the same time, general manager Wang deployed and planned the work in 2022, pointing out the direction for the next goal, We hope that the majority of cadres and workers will be realistic and pragmatic, overcome difficulties, make concerted efforts to achieve the goal, strive hard and strive for good results!


During the meeting, Wang Tongzhou, Li Qixing and Che Yuanyun, deputy general managers of the company, respectively reviewed the work objectives and key points of each module in 2021, reported and summarized, sorted and planned the company's plan in 2022, and publicized and implemented the achievement of various objectives in 2022.

Heads of functional departments will review the work in 2021, focus on finding deficiencies and summing up experience, and make overall planning and planning for all departments in 2022 to ensure the implementation of all work and the smooth achievement of all objectives and tasks!

The conference commended the grass-roots cadres and employees with serious work and outstanding performance in 2021, and promoted the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of cadres and employees by setting a benchmark and benchmarking excellence!

Safety and environmental protection is the basis of all work. In order to do a good job in safety and environmental protection management, firmly establish the awareness of safety production red line, earnestly implement the safety production responsibility system of all employees, and promote the company's safety and environmental protection work to a new level in 2022, the company grandly held the signing ceremony of the letter of responsibility for safety and environmental protection objectives. All departments solemnly promise to do a solid and solid job in safety and environmental protection, and always be vigilant about the importance of safe production.

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